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Growing up in a small town, I watched several local businesses close throughout the years.  These were great businesses, ran by extraordinary people and their families.  What was happening in my home town?  Why aren't people shopping here or using their services?  After searching online, I quickly put together my own reasons- dozens of local businesses were not keeping up with the internet.  Their Google listings were not claimed, business hours not posted, social media pages empty.  If they had a website, it was outdated with poor structure or blurry images.

Small business owners are typically working in their own business daily and it's easy to put their online presence on the back burner.  It's difficult out here, things are always changing, and big corporations were eating up their profits so fast they couldn't afford to pay the hefty website and online advertising costs that all of the online agencies were charging.

I had been managing several websites and social media streams for 10 years for my current employer.  Photography was a hobby of mine and damnit, I was pretty good at it.  The resources that these small businesses needed were in my hands, I just needed to find a way to make it affordable, personable, and provide valuable services to them like they did to their community.

Then what.....

Within 6 months, I quit my corporate job and went full time as Markus Marketing,  We developed affordable website
options, social media advertising packages, invested in some high-tech cameras and made it our mission to keep small businesses alive.  Several years later, we've worked with 60+ clients, (only local businesses) and have received
nothing but positive feedback and reports of business growth.  We will forever stand behind our motto to keep our clients local and our business small enough to service each of them beyond their expectations.




We design a website to fit your business and budget.  Whether you need to drive traffic to a brick and mortar location, want to sell your products online, or just need to show off what your business does, you've got options that cater to your business needs and budget.




This is our specialty.  Because we only work with local clients, our team can take professional photos at your business and use them in your online ads.  We also take the time to review your needs, promotions, or areas you'd like to see improvement in to develop a customizable advertising plan, just for you.  You'll have the choice to promote your business on social media platforms, search engines, or dozens of other high traffic websites like The Weather Channel and National News pages.  Or, hit the ground running and launch your ads on every platform!




Reach a targeted audience online in your area based on your business services for an average of 82% less.  Proven results.  No wasted budgets. 




If you're ready to take your small business to the next level, let's get together and discuss your goals and determine if we are a good fit to help you achieve them.  Drop your information in the form below to setup a consult.

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